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Special General Council Meeting

Wena Supernaw, the Quapaw Nation Business Committee Chair, is calling three (3) Special General Council meetings to occur consecutively on Saturday, 9/30/2023 at the Downstream Pavilion starting at 9 a.m.

Each meeting is to be treated separately for a specifically called topic. No other matters can be brought forward.

  1. Special General Council Meeting 1 - Fill two Grievance Committee odd year vacancies by nomination from the floor and vote.

  2. Special General Council Meeting 2 - Fill five Ethics Commission positions by nomination from the floor and vote.

  3. Special General Council Meeting 3 - Vote by the Quapaw Indian Council on whether the Bear v. U.S. settlement precedes once authorized/approved by Congress are to be distributed fully and equally to all enrolled Quapaw Nation members as of September 27, 2019, still living at the time of distribution.

We encourage all enrolled tribal members and Quapaw Blood voters 18 years or older to be present that day and hope to see you there.


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