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Quapaw has first ever Quapaw Back to School Block Party

The Quapaw Marshall service, in partnership with several local groups, led a successful Quapaw Block Party this past Saturday. It was another hot day, with temperatures reaching above 100 degrees – still a large group came out to enjoy the first-year event. Smokey the Bear even made an appearance.

“It was a huge success,” said Charles Addington, Executive Director of Quapaw Nation’s Department of Public Safety. “I mean, we had a lot of people come through; several hundred I would say.”

The Quapaw Block Party had several activities for kids including face painting, a water slide, bounce houses, a dunk tank, fire hose bowling and even an experience of riding around on an ATV with “drunk” goggles on. Several booths were also put up by Quapaw Nation Tribal Courts, Quapaw Nation Fire and EMS and an inside booth from the Miami Public Library.

Addington wanted to make note that this event was not just a “one-off” and that they hope to make the event an annual get-together as school starts.

“We are already getting together to start discussing next year,” Addington declared. “Something bigger and better, definitely.”

When asked what might make next year’s event better, Addington highlighted looking at a different venue.

“We would like to possibly do it down at the school, where we can have everything in closer proximity,” said Addington. “As hot as it is [this time of year] it would be nice to bring in more aquatic activities. We were a little spread out, and that heat made it a little rough getting back and forth.”

Burger and Hot Dogs were supplied by Springfield Foods, cooked up by local Quapaw business Spanks Meat and put together by local fire and ems. Everyone also had the opportunity to get an ice cream cone. Water was also supplied by Downstream Casino and Quapaw Nation.

“We’d like to thank Downstream Casino, Route 66 Express and Springfield Foods for their sponsorship of the event,” said Addington. “We’d also like to thank the Quapaw Marshalls, Fire Department, EMS, K9 Search and Rescue, our tribal courts, CCDF program, Quapaw City Fire Department and Women’s Auxiliary and of course Quapaw Nation as a whole.”


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