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Chairman Byrd Lands Another Fireside Chat With Donna Mercer.

Quapaw, OK (April 1, 2021) - In his latest installment of the Fireside Chats, Chairman Byrd got to sit down with Donna Mercer and reflect on her nineteen years of service to Quapaw Nation.

Donna began her career in tribal government thirty-nine years ago and that career started with the Quapaw Nation. Donna also spent over fourteen years with Wyandotte Nation before deciding to return home to the Quapaw. "When I started, we had like 30 employees, government employees, we just had the little complex there at the Pow-Wow grounds." Said Donna Mercer. "So in that time, in that nineteen years we've grown to over three-hundred government employees."

Chairman Byrd went on to ask Mrs. Mercer what changes she's seen on the tribal side since the election. For the whole story, please click the link below to watch the video and be sure to check back often for more Fireside Chats with Chairman Byrd.


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