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Tyson Food Giveaway

Tyson Foods and the Quapaw Nation partnered together on Monday, Nov. 28 to distribute 40,000 pounds of chicken to Quapaw Tribal members. Rhonda Weaver, Title VI Director, knew many tribal members needed food to get through winter, so she worked with Tyson Foods to make sure the tribal members had their needs met.

Any Quapaw Tribal member 18 years or older with a tribal ID was eligible to participate in the giveaway. Each tribal member who attended the giveaway drove off with 40 pounds of chicken which equals out to 160 servings of boneless, skinless chicken leg meat.

Many Quapaw Tribal members are struggling with the rising cost of groceries, inflation and other outside factors. The chicken distribution should help numerous Quapaw families in need.

At the end of the distribution, the surplus chicken was stored at the Quapaw Farmers Market & Food Hub and distributed again to card-holding tribal members.


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