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Teamwork Makes The Dream Work - Leadership At Downstream Doing Their Part

Quapaw, OK (May 14th, 2021) - Stuart Grayson is not an individual who has escaped challenges since joining Downstream Casino as the properties general manager. With the local job market deeply lacking in potential employees, casinos across the nation have had to adjust. For the property, finances have never looked better, but the employees are feeling the ramifications of not having proper staffing.

"We see the great things that are going on." Said an employee who wished to remain anonymous. "The culture has truly changed in this place. You can see it in the face of all employees, but we do feel over-worked. Yes, we realize there are staffing issues everywhere, but that doesn't change that fact. I never thought I would see a bunch of managers outside picking up trash though."

On Tuesday, May 12th, Stuart held the weekly managers meeting, as he does every week, but in the meeting he asked everyone to step up and do their part.

Each Director and Manager was handed a trash bag and gloves before walking outside to clean up the property.

One of the qualities that many employees seem to mention about Mr. Grayson, is the fact that he challenges you. He expects more from his executive staff and it's this exemplification of leadership that has sent those "collecting a paycheck" down the road.

"The atmosphere has completely changed for the better. Everyone is expected to put forth the same amount of effort. It doesn't matter if you're a tribal member or not. If you don't want to be a part of the team, we're sorry to see you go, but we don't need you here." Said Lena McQuary. Lena is not only a long time employee, having been on property since the beginning of 2010, but also a tribal member.

It seems to be a common consensus that team members are worn out, but hopefully with Missouri and Arkansas ending the glorification of unemployment, that employee pool will fill back up. The states of Oklahoma and Kansas shouldn't be far behind. Stuart Grayson knows there are many challenges yet to accomplish and he's got those challenges in his sight.


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