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Fun, food, friends and family at the annual Elder’s Christmas Dinner

The Quapaw Nation once again celebrated the annual Elder’s Christmas Dinner Saturday night at the Downstream Pavilion. Elders traveled from across the region to reunite with their friends and family for a night of fun and food.

“It’s great to see,” said Rhonda Weaver. “I call the elders my family, they become part of my family. It’s always nice to come and visit with them, talk with them and just have a good time.”

For some elders, the annual Christmas Dinner is one of the few opportunities to see their fellow tribal members. This event provides the perfect opportunity for elders across the Quapaw Nation to get together, reminisce and catch up from the past year.

This year elders who could not drive to the dinner were offered a ride from Title VI Director Rhonda Weaver. Only one elder needed a ride this year, but they didn’t miss out on the fun-filled night thanks to Weaver’s generosity.

As the guests left the dinner, Vicechair Callie Bowden handed out blankets and coffee to the elders. The blanket is designed after the Three Villages Robe, a historical artifact of the Quapaw Nation that tells a story of a battle, a ceremony, and the alliance of the Quapaw and the French.


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