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Community Paramedic

It is a very flexible, patient-centered program that frees up a lot of time for patients by having the ability to get treatment at home, and when it’s convenient for them. ~ Kyle Arnall

Last month, the Quapaw Post did a story on the Quapaw Nation Fire and EMS Department, serving Wyandotte, Quapaw, and Miami, Okla. The department does excellent at fulfilling the needs of the area, but something was still missing. In 2019, an idea was brought forth to add the Community Paramedic, and at the beginning of 2020, Quapaw Nation did just that. The position is now held by Kyle Arnall, an employee who has served the tribe for 12 years.

Community paramedicine is a growing service, especially in larger cities due to many calls holding up time to get to life-altering situations. “Some calls may be less severe but still of concern that a licensed paramedic can assess or even treat on-site.

"Most calls are to check blood pressure or glucose levels, sometimes bandaging up a wound or even to give stitches,” says paramedic Kyle Arnall. "It is helpful to have some peace of mind without knowing that a hefty ambulance bill will soon be on the way, especially for those without the luxury of health insurance."

The Quapaw Nation’s community paramedic has been serving since 2020, making rounds to several homes a day, around 60 non-emergency and 19 emergency calls on average per month.

“I’m contracted through Bearskin Wellness Center out of Wyandotte, Okla, as well, so I’m sometimes tied up with other patients and not available due to the high volumes of calls,” stated Kyle. “But, the Fire and EMS services are readily available when I can’t be there.”

Between the three Fire and EMS stations, there are always four trained employees on duty at each station to assist if the need arises. Much gratitude to Quapaw Nation for these services easing the financial burden to Quapaw Members and the community.


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