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BetSaracen App

Football season has made BetSaracen, Arkansas’s number one Sportsbook, kick off to another level. More users are placing bets as football season continues and BetSaracen expands its brand.

BetSaracen has partnered with multiple media outlets throughout Arkansas and plans to expand its partnerships as they demonstrate why they are the state’s model Sportsbook. So far, the Saracen team has partnered with CBS, NBC and Fox affiliates in Little Rock, NBC and Fox affiliates in Northwest Arkansas, CBA and Fox affiliates in Jonesboro, several radio stations – including The BUZZ and multiple ESPN stations – to promote BetSaracen betting odds.

“We’re proud that BetSaracen has become the standard in our state,” said Carlton Saffa, Saracen Casino Resort CMO. “As Arkansas’s #1 Sportsbook, hearing and seeing our lines referenced on sports talk radio, on local television sports reporting, and in print further builds trust in our brand, and it’s a great form of advertising.”

The partnerships will include segments about topical Arkansas sports featuring BetSaracen’s data. They will invite members of the Saracen team to talk on air to offer the latest updates in sports wagering. These partnerships bring valuable opportunities to increase BetSaracen’s branding and attract new users.

The mobile sports betting app went live in May 2022 and has had over 717,000 wagers placed since then. Over 72,000 bets were placed between September 25 and October 1, showing substantial growth during the football season.

So far, BetSaracen’s largest single payout came from a 13-leg parlay, paying out a total of $71,612. A parlay is a form of sports betting where the bettor selects two or more single games to include in a single wager for a potentially large payout. However, the bettor loses if a game does not end as predicted. Predicting outcomes for multiple games makes wagering on a parlay difficult, but the payout may be worth the reward. The winner of the 13-leg parlay placed a $50 wager and received life-changing money.

Football season and media partnerships across Arkansas have allowed BetSaracen to grow. Still, the Saracen team is determined to see their mobile sports betting app grow and gain more popularity.


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