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Bearsun Visits Quapaw Nation On Journey Made In the Name of Charity

This morning, Quapaw Nation leadership welcomed Bearsun as he prepared to continue a journey that began in Los Angeles, California, and will end in New York City, New York.

(Bearsun stands with Quapaw Nation leadership and tribal members)

Bearsun, whose real name is Jessy Larios, started the cross country trek over 80 days ago to raise awareness in the name of mental health - A goal that has already raised over seven thousand dollars. The journey is also made for cancer, autism, the environment, and the disabled community.

This isn't the first time Bearsun has made an arduous journey. In April of 2021, a trip was made from Los Angeles to San Francisco. His social media followers have continued to skyrocket since and on Instagram alone, he now has over 130k followers. Bearsun may not have set out to change the world, but he's doing just that with every step.

As Bearsun has moved along the path, he has added some fellow travelers. Many Tribal Nations have also offered shelter and food. Downstream Casino, (DCR), Quapaw Nation's premier resort, happily presented the same offering. Employees of DCR met with Bearsun this morning as he prepared to leave. "It's something I get to tell my kids when I get home. Mom got to meet Bearsun." Said an employee. "Highlight of my day for sure."

Originally created in 2016, Jessy Larios based Bearsun off of his dog, Bear, an Alaskan Malamute. His head was roughly based off of the character of his favorite cartoon, "Hey Arnold!"

The suit was designed without a noticeable mouth to highlight Bearsun being more of a listener. The suit weighs in at an incredible 70lbs and Jessy isn't often without it in public.

Before he left, Bearsun was smoked off by Quapaw Nation Business Committee members, Tribal members, and Vice-Chairwoman Callie Bowden. The ceremony can be used to cleanse and offer protection and take care of things of a spiritual nature. The ceremony was also meant to demonstrate Quapaw Nation's desire for Bearsun to have a good journey.

"I have witnessed him touch more than one person today." Stated Vice-Chair Bowden. "He is making an impact the best way he knows how; in a very admirable and artistic way."

According to his social media posts, as the sun set this evening, Bearsun had reached Joplin, Mo. What he left, was plenty of smiles and humbled citizens coming from many nations residing within the borders of Oklahoma. Please visit to make a donation and to track his steps.


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