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OGahPah Coffee names new Coffee Manager

On October 26, 2022, Quapaw tribal member and OGahPah Coffee employee, Lindsay Hickey, accepted a promotion to Coffee Roaster Manager.

“[the promotion] is Humbling, it really has not sunk in yet that I am the Manager of the coffee roaster,” said Hickey. “I am very proud that I was selected for the position.”

Hickey started with OGahPah Coffee in April of 2021, at a time in which the company had never seen a profit. Just a few months after Hickey started, that all changed as OGahPah Coffee was “in the black” by December.

“I have high goals for the coffee team,” said Hickey. “We are really looking forward to reaching to other Nations and Tribes to make everyone successful; we can’t be successful unless we are all successful.

Contracts are starting to be sent out to other nations for partnerships that we are all excited for and can’t wait to see where we can go [moving] forward.”

Hickey has set some lofty goals for her team and plans to have everyone cross trained in the coming months and has her eyes set on continuing to build relationships with other tribes from across the United States.

“I just want our tribal members to be proud of the coffee we serve,” said Hickey enthusiastically.

Hickey said she is so thankful to get the opportunity and to listen to those that give you advice and those that are hard on you, because those are the individuals that see potential in you.

“Us as young tribal members are the future of our nation,” said Hickey. “We need to listen to our elders, because it was their elders that brought us to where we are today. We need to be proud being OGahPah people and continue to remain humble in lieu of the opportunities we are given.”


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