John Berrey

John Berrey

Ha-way Quapaw people, My name is John L. Berrey and I am respectfully asking for your vote. Having served nearly 20 years as a member of the Business Committee, together we changed the world for the Quapaw Nation. We have become an economic powerhouse, agricultural leader, environmental clean up leader, and have created so many businesses, jobs and assets for our Quapaw Nation. Our services we provide have grown in unimaginable ways. We have provided greater end of life and insurance benefits, scholarships, day care, jobs, internships, senior housing and so much more for our people. We raised over $36 million in grants and built the first USDA inspected processing plant and have created over $1Billion in assets.

I have heard from and listened to Members who have expressed their frustrations with the Tribe. We need to build a more inclusive Tribal Nation. I believe that ALL Quapaw people should benefit from our programs regardless of where you live. We have the resources and need to use those resources to better serve our people.

It is my plan that when Congress appropriates the $137.5 Million from the Bear Settlement, every dime should go to all Quapaw people not lawyers. We need to survey all members to determine the best use of the money. The Bear v. USA was claims for the Quapaw Nation in its entirety and dated beck to our 1st Treaty in 1818. This is due to what is called a Congressional Reference to the Court of Federal Claims and was made possible by our great relationships with members of Congress.

The Quapaw Nation is at a very critical time in this world and it is very important that we are more compassionate and kind to our members and our employees. Together we need to be a family and heal any wounds, get back to the business of building a strong foundation of businesses and to move our focus to ALL Quapaw members. Although current candidates and BC members are telling us we have more money, more transparency and we are doing better, I just don’t see it. Do you? Do you want to know more? Do you want ALL Quapaw to be treated the same? Do you want to bring back the great pride we all had with our growth and our tremendous successes? Do you want to be treated with kindness and with compassion? We need to share our successes with ALL Quapaw People.

I promise to clear my name and those who served with me and move forward. All Quapaw People deserve Due Process. All Americans are assured due process in the United States Constitution. Can we stop pointing fingers and start to work together for ALL Quapaw people? If I am fortunate to receive your Vote, I will pledge to do all I can to get the Quapaw Nation back on TRACK!

Vote for John L Berrey for Vice Chairman of the Quapaw Nation!
Gun-Ney-Gay John L. Berrey