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Tulsa Public Schools Names Mick Wilson Executive Director of Athletics

Mick Wilson stands with Aunt Carrie V Wilson and Daughter Sheridan. Both have been extremely Supportive. - Courtesy of TPS

Quapaw Tribal member Mick Wilson recently got the honor of a lifetime after being promoted to the Executive Director of Athletics for Tulsa Public Schools (TPS). Mick has spent the past 9 years with TPS - being hired in 2012 as the Assistant Director of Athletics before a subsequent promotion In 2019 to Deputy Director of Athletics. In those 9 years, TPS has won 14 state championships, 9 of which have been in basketball - the sport Mick directly supervised.

TPS is charged with directing nine high schools and eleven middle schools. To the position, Mick brings more than 30 years of experience as a coach and educator.

Mick Wilson graduated from Quapaw High School in 1983, and like many other members of his family, has served in roles for Quapaw Nation in the past. Most notably, Mick served on the Grievance Committee for three terms.

"In our family, we were all taught to be servant leaders. I feel proud of my siblings because they've all been a part of that," said Mick.

His brother Jesse, known more commonly as "Manz," carries his father's name and has served as Vice-chair for Quapaw Nation, been an active gravedigger, and currently serves on the Grievance and the Constitution Committee.

"Both of my sisters have cooked in our tribal and memorial dinners, so I'm proud of them. Mick continued, "They've all been leaders and provided assistance to our tribe in their own way. Probably even more so than I have. They've really taken the lead, and for that reason, I'm proud of them."

Since March 2020, each morning has started with a walk of more than 7 miles leading to an amazing weight loss of 55 lbs. "It helps to reduce stress and improve energy," said Wilson.

is old boss of nine years and the man he is to succeed says he'll need that extra energy. "It's a taxing job." Said Gil Cloud, who has been the Director of Athletics since 2012. "And it's every day - 24/7 and 365."

We had the opportunity to ask Mr. Wilson if he had any words of encouragement for Quapaw Nation youth.

"I've always said that I've never looked at myself as someone special, but rather as someone that tries to work hard, treat people right, and held education in high regard. Education is a vehicle that can take you to places that you've never been and I think that I'm a great example of that. I'm just a small-town Quapaw kid that got some lucky breaks here and there. It's like the old saying, "success is when preparation meets opportunity." I really feel that being prepared has just been a part of my life, followed by a lucky break here and there. Of course, none of that would have been possible without education and utilizing the training I've gained. That's what I'd tell all kids; if I can do it, anyone can."

Mick, of course, understands the prestigious role he has moved into and is intent on putting his best foot forward as he transitions and adjusts to the elevated expectations.

"It's a position that's held in high esteem, and I'm just lucky enough to say that I've reached it. I just want to give my best in everything I do. That's how I was raised - that's how I grew up. I can't express enough what the support from my aunt Carrie V. Wilson and other members of my family has meant to me. The thing I really want people to understand and know, though, is that I love my culture, and I love the Quapaw people. I'm proud of where I'm from, and I'm just very humbled to be where I'm at."


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