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Quapaw Nation Business Committee Disqualifies John Berrey As A 2021 Candidate

The Quapaw Nation Business Committee, in a unanimous vote, with the Vice-chair abstaining, disqualified John L. Berrey as a candidate in this years election. The Quapaw Nation Business Committee heard an appeal challenging the candidacy of John L. Berrey. The Election and Voting Ordinance of the Quapaw Nation provides candidates the opportunity to respond. Challenges must be presented to the Election Committee for a decision, and if appealed, the final stage of the candidate’s due process rests with the authority of the Business Committee. This Committee has given very serious consideration to both the challenged and their challenger; and has not made this decision lightly. However, the determination by the Business Committee is final and is not appealable to any court or tribunal by the law of our Nation.

Download the entire decision below

Business Committee Final Determination
Download P • 333KB


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