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Quapaw Nation Awarded Over $27 Million In First Distribution Of ARP Funds

Quapaw, OK (May 17th, 2021) – As Promised, details from the first distribution of the American Rescue Plan (ARP) to the Quapaw Nation have begun to come in. Quapaw Nation is slated to get a total of $27,725,764.99. To better put the total amount awarded to Quapaw Nation in perspective, the first ARP distribution is a 50 percent increase of the entire distribution from the Cares Act funding.

Limited guidance has been given on the funds coming in the form of a 151-page interim rules document, and the Business Committee has announced a meeting to take place on Monday, May 24th, beginning at 5 pm. The Quapaw Nation leadership is taking a precautious approach and waiting to see what other stipulations the federal government may set and want to involve the Tribal Citizens in discussion for the funding. Leadership will also be paying close attention to their fellow Native nations.

The ARP funding appropriated close to 31 billion to Native Nations, with 20 Billion being sent directly to tribal governments and 11 billion being funded specifically for Native health, education, and housing needs through programs such as HUD and the Tribal Health System.

Last week, the Treasury announced their methodology for how the 20 billion would be distributed while also explaining that the funds would be released in two disbursements. Secretary-Treasurer Guy Barker made sure that the required documentation was sent in that very same day.

“I look forward to meeting with our members, hearing their input, and seeing how these funds can best help our people.” Said Quapaw Nation Chairman Joseph Byrd.

Please continue to follow the Quapaw Post for further updates.


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