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Quapaw Nation Approves $13.25 Million Distribution To Members From ARP Funds

(Quapaw, OK) – Every Quapaw Nation citizen is set to receive a lump sum payment for Covid relief after the Quapaw Nation Business Committee unanimously approved a 13.25 million dollar distribution under the federal rescue plan late Friday afternoon.

“Our Quapaw people have felt the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic, just as our brothers and sisters across Indian Country. The Business Committee appropriated these funds from the $27.7 million to assist every person in our tribe. We are tasked with implementing a tribal rescue plan, and we continue to adopt a long-term framework for responsible self-governance. It starts here with assisting all our citizens.” Said Chairman Joseph Byrd. “I am encouraged by the outpouring of feedback from everyone throughout this process. I look forward to continuing work towards a sustainable strategic plan for the benefit of our people.”

A tier system will be used in deciding how much assistance each member gets with elders receiving the most. Elders will qualify for $4,000 while adults qualify for $3,000 and children $1,000. The general framework of prior distributions will still be in place. To qualify, you must be a member for at least a year and fill out an assistance application made available to members sometime next week.

Stay tuned to the Quapaw Post for further details


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