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Quapaw Nation And Other Local Agencies Join In Hurricane Ida Relief Efforts

Local Ottawa County agencies trained in disaster response are now on standby as hurricane Ida moves inland. Quapaw Nation, Seneca Tribe, the GRDA, Craig County, and Mayes County are all preparing to assist where needed. Currently stationed in Lafayette Louisiana, approximately 600 miles away from the location which Ida has hit land, the individual groups will help repair downed power lines and, if required, rescue efforts for affected individuals and families.

Hurricane Ida is currently a level three hurricane with winds reaching speeds of up to 120 mph and is beginning to weaken as it continues its path inland. As of 7 pm, it was making its closest path to the city of New Orleans. The area is also under a tornado watch that continues to grow in threat level. The Quapaw Post will help keep you informed as updates are made available.


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