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Quapaw-centric documentary makes world debut

Chairman Byrd pictured with Brooke Bierhaus, director of Regeneration of Land and Culture.

HOT SPRINGS, Ark. (October 12, 2021) – Filmmaker Brooke Bierhaus debuted her documentary “Regeneration of Land and Culture” at the Hot Springs Documentary Film Festival Tuesday afternoon. The documentary explored the impact buffalo have on land and their cultural significance to the Quapaw Nation.

In the documentary, Bierhaus interviews Quapaw Nation leaders Quapaw Nation members, and Quapaw Cattle Company workers. Chairman Joseph Byrd and former Chairwoman Grace Goodeagle play prominent roles in the film. They give valuable insight to the Quapaw Nation’s history and the impact of the buffalo.

The Hot Springs Documentary Film Festival is North America’s longest-running non-fiction film festival celebrating its 30th year. Bierhaus chose to debut her documentary at this particular film festival because it is located on Quapaw ancestral land.

“I think it is very fitting to have this type of documentary in this space, in this location given some of the historical aspects of the tribe and the presence that was here before 1880,” said Chairman Joseph Byrd. “We consider this our ancestral homelands. We consider this a place of spiritual and sacred healing, so it’s a really good feeling to be able to do this today.”

Bierhaus is known for her work in the documentary genre, namely “The Connected Cup.” Bridging cultural gaps is her main goal with her work. She also wants Native voices to be heard as experts in agriculture and combating climate change.

Making “Regeneration of Land and Culture” made Bierhaus grow as a filmmaker. She hopes to make the film’s impact transcend the screen.

“I think this project challenged me in a lot of ways. This is one of the first projects that I was able to bring on an impact produce,” said Bierhaus. “I was able to get funding to have this film to have a life outside of the film festival circuit or outside of the screen.”

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