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Local Colleges Partner Up To Offer Scholarship Opportunities to Natives

Miami, OK (April 23rd, 2021) - Oklahoma State university (OSU) and Northeastern Oklahoma A&M College (NEO) have recently partnered up to provide students a degree opportunity through a program in Agricultural Leadership. The program, which is funded through a grant from the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) offers a path towards a Bachelor of Science Degree in agriculture leadership by way of a combination of short courses, blended courses, ITV courses, and online courses.

"We are excited to share that Oklahoma State University (OSU) in partnership with Northeastern Oklahoma Agriculture and Mechanical College (NEO) are collaborating to provide scholarship and support opportunities for Native American high school students. OSU and NEO received two grants that will provide support for nine students to earn an Associate’s degree at NEO and continue with a seamless transfer to OSU to complete their dual Bachelor’s degrees, one in Entomology and one in Plant and Soil Sciences. This means each scholar will earn three degrees in four years and will obtain the education necessary to become leaders in food production and sustainability."

"The overarching goals of the project(s) are to increase opportunities for Native American students to become skilled individuals who will contribute to tribal food sustainability and food sovereignty." Said Hannah Berryman, the AICE Mentor at NEO.

Program Highlights:

● Start Fall 2021 with completion in Spring 2025

● >$30,000 in scholarships per scholar

● Paid summer internships to provide hands -on experiences

● Cohort of nine students progressing through this experience together

● Opportunities to perform research at NEO and OSU

● Senior year travel experience

● Faculty and Student mentors

● Many career path options, from a soil conservationist to a medical doctor

Thank you for helping us to promote this opportunity. We hope that you are able to share it with other guidance counselors, teachers, parents, guardians and students.

The deadline to apply is May 2. For more information and to apply please contact:

Alisen Anderson, 918-540-6273

Northeastern Oklahoma A&M College, Agriculture

Dr. Brian Arnall, 405-744-1722

Oklahoma State University, Plant and Soil Sciences

Dr. Wyatt Hoback, 405-744-9403

Oklahoma State University, Entomology and Plant Pathology

Contact Information: Hannah Berryman

NEO A&M College

AICE Mentor



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