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Employee Retirement - Tim Kent

Tim started in the Environmental Department in 2002 as the Superfund Coordinator and then became the Environmental Director shortly after. He directed the growth of the Environmental Department to where it is today, managing roughly a dozen different grants and cooperative agreements with EPA and other federal grants. In 2012, he worked with EPA in letting the Quapaw Nation become the first tribe in the country to take the lead of a Superfund Site. He was instrumental in getting the Quapaw Nation “meaningful and substantial” involvement at the Tar Creek Superfund Site and making the tribe a partner to the cleanup decisions. Tim plans to fill a supportive role and advocate for Quapaw and the continued work that needs to be addressed at Tar Creek. He has received various EPA awards, and the Mike Synar Award recognized every year by the LEAD Agency Tar Creek Conference. Tim lives in Joplin, MO, with his wife and has two daughters, one in Kansas City, KS, and one in Denver, CO. Thank you for all of your years of service and dedication in making the Environmental Department what it is today. Tim, enjoy your retirement.


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