Hello, my name is Mindy Gilmore Riddle. I am the great granddaughter of Alice Crawfish the granddaughter of James S. Gilmore and the daughter of James E. Gilmore. I am 39 years old, a single mother of two amazing boys Heston and Logan Riddle, they are my world. I’m originally from Chetopa, Kansas but after my divorce in 2014 the boys and I moved to Bernice, Oklahoma to be closer to my parents. As a single mom, I spend most of my time running to football games and weight meets. In the summer I like to spend my days off on Grand Lake soaking up the sun, fishing, and just take some time to myself to breathe.

I have been employed at Downstream Casino Resort for 13 years as the Retail/Warehouse Manager and the Intern Trainer that was until the first of April. I have now been removed from those positions after 13 years and been placed as the Horticulture Manager and my previous job was given to another tribal member. I chose this position, knowing nothing about how to do it because the other choice they gave me was to take yet another longtime team members job. Kathy VanStavern, has stayed through a lot, from being promoted to Director of Hotel Ops to being demoted shortly after to manager of housekeeping after the new GM came on board. She has shown nothing but pure loyalty to Downstream and our people. I was not going to do that to her and the fact they even suggested it shows how poorly they are handling business there. Anyways, I am learning the ins and outs of my new job from the great team I have in the greenhouse.

Over the past eight months I have seen things change and not for the better the turnover rate, terminations, or people just walking out on their jobs due to the new GM, CFO, and the business committee, which has been horrendous. Our family members and team members want to be treated with respect and that’s not what any of us get anymore. It’s heartbreaking to me to have to sit back and watch this but I have no choice at this time from where I’m sitting. I have fought with the GM and the CFO only to get my wages cut and be moved to the greenhouses. I have applied for other jobs outside of DCR but at the same time why should I have to leave my home after 13 years due to the new upper management that doesn’t have a clue on how to run a casino?? I mean it’s pretty bad when the GM orders himself a book online on how to manage a casino!

I have worked hard for our Nation. I have trained all new hired team members on our computer systems that we use at DCR. I have worked side by side with other departments and managers to train them. I spent 14 months of my life away from my kids and family driving back and forth to Pine Bluff to build the Warehouse from the ground up and when I say from the ground up I mean it. I hired all the Warehouse team members, trained them on the systems, and wrote all the policies and procedures. I do not regret doing all this because I made some lifelong friends and found out that I am a much stronger person than I thought. Not only was I in Pine Bluff working my tail off I was still managing my departments at DCR too making sure things were running smooth orders were made and people were taken care of. You know why I did that? Because I care about our Nation and I care about our team members.

I am running for BC to help improve the leadership we currently have. I do not believe in the way things are currently being ran or the way our people and team members are being treated. I am running for BC to be a voice for them and you! I am a fighter and I will fight for what is right. I will not be a yes sir yes ma’am, that you have my word on! So I am asking for your vote
at election time. Thank you all for taking the time to read this if anybody has any questions for me please feel free to call or email me.