Ha Way Family and Friends,
I have been honored to serve our Quapaw people this past term. I am grateful you entrusted me to lead our Quapaw Nation. I would like to continue moving our Nation forward in a much needed positive direction. As a wife of 30 years to Jeff; a mother to Jonathan, Landen, and Lauren; a Scout leader for 10 years, I understand teamwork which is something your current leadership exemplifies. Having higher education hours in Elementary Ed, I want to teach our youth via programs like the Culture Camp. I have a shared vision to improve the quality of life for ALL Tribal members and understand the importance of our casinos revenue stream in funding such programs –

• Identified needed changes as Downstream Casino to reduce expenses. These changes have put the casino in a position to reduce the debt owed and eventually expand benefits for all Tribal members.
• I personally advocated for the forensic audit and the findings were presented at General Council.
• Completed construction of Methadone clinic, Justice Center, and last phase of Elder housing.
• Completed staffing for and opened Saracen Casino in Arkansas.
• Partnered with Cypress Valley Meats to increase revenue and production at our meat processing plant.
• Added a Community Paramedic Program to our EMS Services.
• Added Cultural classes for members.

2021-2021 Goals

Refinancing our casinos to –

• Increase Education and Social Services funding.
• Create more Tribal housing for our elders.
• Provide affordable housing for our young families.

Create a “Youth Tribal Council” to –

• Teach our next generation leadership skills.
• Provide an understanding of our Tribal government.

Purchase land to diversify business and further Tribal Self-Governance –

• Farming Cattle and Buffalo
• Growing crops

Establish a department to cut and supply wood for our elders.

I promise to continue building a better tomorrow, one decision at a time.

Michelle Newton