Ha-we to all O-Gah-Pah relations,

My name is Linda Davis. I am the great-great granddaughter of George Redeagle and Minnie (Coldsprings) Redeagle, both full blood O-Gah-Pah. The great granddaughter of Josephine Sophia (Redeagle) Greenback. The granddaughter of Leroy and Margarite (Kennedy) Watson and the daughter of Delbert Longan and the late Martha (Watson) Longan.

I have been taught from a young age to be kind, honest, and respectful. I have been taught to help others in need and to do so without expecting anything in return or "in show." I have been taught to give back to our people and "we take care of our own." It is with these teachings that have led me to a decision along with much prayer, thought, and discussion with elders, family, and friends to announce my candidacy as a member of the Quapaw Nation Business Committee.

My career along with work history has been devoted to the American Indian/Alaska Native population and has primarily been with the Quapaw Tribe, now Nation and the Northeastern Tribal Health System (NTHS) formerly known as the Miami Indian Health Clinic (MIHC). From 1994-2004, I worked as the
Community Health Representative (CHR) for the Tribe. While in this position, I was appointed by the Business Committee (BC) to represent the Tribe at several Oklahoma City Area Indian Health Service meetings, specifically those meetings addressing the federal funding for the Special Diabetes Program for Indians (SDPI).

l, along with the CHR from the Modoc Tribe, now Modoc Nation, played a pivotal role in securing funding at the local level versus funding going to the Claremore Service Unit, Claremore, OK. Because funding was secured, the MIHC developed and implemented their own diabetes program which continues to this day. In turn, most patients with diabetes were able to receive their care locally and eliminate or reduce their need to travel to Claremore Indian Hospital/Clinic for services. Upon resigning from the Tribe as the CHR, I gained employment with the NTHS from 2004-2016. While employed at NTHS, I worked as the Nurse Case Manager in the Diabetes Program. In 2010, I transferred in-house to become the Public Health Nurse where I remained until my departure. In 2016, I made a decision to return to the Tribe. I began working as a victim services advocate in the Family Services Program. I currently remain in this position. From 1994 to present, I have overseen multiple grants. Both state and federally funded grants. I have a solid understanding of implementation in all aspects of the grants. Because many of the grants the Nation receives are competitive, I would like to see strategic plans written for sustainability and too not simply rely on government funding. Far too often when grants are not sought out and/or awarded, individuals lose the jobs impacting the livelihood of their family. Not only would I like to see the development of strategic plans and sustainability of programs, I would like to see a community assessment, if you will, to better identify the needs of our children, youth, and families. Based upon assessment findings, programs could be expanded and/or potentially seek new programs.

In closing, I recognize the Nation's members have many needs whether it be housing, healthcare, childcare, education, employment, etc. and some of these issues take longer to address and resolve. I also recognize the BC is faced with many challenges. I can assure you if elected to the BC, I will be a voice for the people. l am an independent thinker, detail-oriented, dedicated, and have a strong work ethic! I am thankful and grateful for past and present BC to have appointed me to sub-committees. Now, I humbly ask you as O-Gah-Pah people to cast your vote for me, Linda Davis, as member for the BC on Saturday, July 24, 2021. I would be honored to be a part of the leadership of our Nation. I have no ulterior motive, no hidden agenda, just a pure love for our people that has grown in me since childhood.

Linda Davis