I am Larry Mercer. I am asking each of you for your support in this 2021 Business Committee Member election. I am descended from Benjamin and Amanda (Sims) Cousattee; Ray and Madie (Sullivan) Cousattee, and Bob and Wanda (Cousattee) Mercer. I grew up in Peoria and Miami where I received my elementary and High School education. I received my college education from both NEO and MSSU where I was awarded a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration with a minor in Accounting. I am a proud Vietnam Veteran having served in the Navy from 1968-1972.

Most of my professional career has been with BF Goodrich. When the plant closed in Miami I was fortunate to be transferred to the Tuscaloosa, Alabama plant where I held several leadership positions. During my career I learned many management skills have allowed me to develop the ability to listen to all sides of a story and simply do the job that I was given to do.

I am grateful that I had the opportunity to retire and move back to become the primary caregiver for my parents when their health began to fail. I am currently the Chairman of the EFA (Emergency Financial Assistance) Committee of which I have served you, the tribe, as a member since 2012. Even before I moved back home, I made the trip to attend our General Council every Fourth of July. In addition, I pride myself that I have an excellent attendance record for our Monthly Business Meetings over the last 11 years. I am an active member of the First United Methodist Church and serve as Chairman of the Staff Parish Relations Committee.
My Priorities if elected include:
• Economic Development – work to insure that our current business holdings remain viable which insures the future for generations of Quapaw’s
• Assist in developing a 5-10-20 year Strategic Plan to reduce our debt.
• Increased Elder Care Services – continue to honor our elders with affordable housing and amenities for those on fixed incomes
• Support increased Social Services for those experiencing domestic abuse, runaway/missing children and those with a disability of any form.
• Promote Educational Endowments for Quapaw Youth
• Support Quapaw Culture and Language Preservation
During my lifetime, I have had the honor to have been mentored by many of our Elders, some living and some that have passed on. I pledge to use all these skill to help maintain and promote the Quapaw Nation. A nation that will thrive and be successful for generations. I respectfully ask you to consider me when voting for Business Committee Member