Hello fellow Quapaw Nation Members,

My name is Brandy Shapp, wife of Billy Shapp. Billy and I have 7 children. I am the great-granddaughter of Alice Crawfish Gilmore and granddaughter of James Skidmore Gilmore.

My original campaign post is on social media for viewing (Facebook) I want something different for the Quapaw post.

Most of you that have read my original post know the things that I wrote there were things “I" would like to see changed if voted in. When the reality is we are asking you all to vote based on who had a couple of ideas that sounded good. I’ve said from day one the Nation needs a change.

After spending the last couple weeks thinking about it, why are people’s campaigns always the same? They basically stayed consistent with “I am going to do this and that....when they have no clue if they actually can. I mean the candidates running for BC seats this elect all seem to wish for most of the same things. Actually, thinking back most candidates have always had similar ideas.

Any of you that personal know me, know I don’t fit in a box. So, my campaign is:

KEEPING IT REAL! No lies, No promises to break, just me giving 100% to try to make sure the Nations members requests are heard!

I am not running for ME. I am running for our all of YOU. I could make lists of things I want to try to fix but instead I want to know what all of YOU want! I want everyone of you to fill up my email, text, messenger, mailbox (text cell or private message and I will send my mailing address), or just call! I want to compile everyone’s suggestions and then list those by majority suggestions. Once I have completed the spreadsheet I will return the results to everyone who participated. I will then have my to do list and get to work for all of you, if elected!

Thank you,

Brandy Shapp for Business Committee