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Mission Statement

The Quapaw Post is a print-issued magazine and online news source dedicated to providing information to keep the Quapaw Nation community involved and knowledgeable about the Nation. Bound by the adherence to truth, transparency and tradition, The Quapaw Post documents the lives of tribal elders, research the Nation’s past, and covers current events and decisions that will affect the Nation’s future. By doing so, we effectively cover the Quapaw Nation’s historical, present and future events.

Meet the Authors

John E Rodgers

Founder of the Quapaw Post, an award-winning writer and Communications Manager for Quapaw Nation, John brings over a decade of experience in gaming and public relations to the team. Originally from Miami, Okla., John has worked and spent time with four other Tribal Nations. Enjoys football, composing music and is a hobbyist gunsmith in his time off. 

Austin Headlee

Communication specialist for The Quapaw Post. Award-winning writer and editor and Northeastern State University master’s graduate brings years of journalism experience to the Quapaw Nation. He is from Miami, Okla., likes to watch football on the weekends and mourn the weekly New York Jets loss.

About The Quapaw Post

Quapaw Nation established The Quapaw Post in May 2021. With core values of truth, transparency and adherence to Quapaw tradition, The Quapaw Post is determined to deliver accurate news impacting Quapaw Nation and its members.

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